Summer Technical Theater Camp Grades 6-12: July 8-12

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Tech Crew CC.jpg

Summer Technical Theater Camp Grades 6-12: July 8-12


July 8-12 | 10am-3pm

In this 5-Day camp students will prepare the technical aspects of the La-De-Da Fringe Festival performance of “Macbeth the Musical Comedy.” This includes, but is not limited to: props, costumes, lighting, sound effects, set design, stage management and running crew. Students interested in bringing the play to life through the design elements thrive here!

  • Monday through Friday for ONE week.

  • All students prepare technical aspects for the Fort Collins Fringe Festival performances at the end of July.

  • Students are also invited to be support crew for the performances during the Fringe Festival July 25-28 at the Museum of Discovery Big Backyard.

Macbeth the Musical Comedy performances:

Thursday, July 25, 8pm Opening Ceremonies (60 second teaser of our show) - at the Lyric Cinema

Friday, July 26  7:00pm Museum of Discovery Big Backyard
Saturday, July 27 5:45pm Museum of Discovery Big Backyard
Sunday, July 28 6:00pm Museum of Discovery Big Backyard

You've read the famous story of greed and gore in Scotland—but do you know the catchy tunes? Our Macbeth, a tad confused, keeps spouting lines from Hamlet (much to the annoyance of the other characters), Lady Macbeth is obsessed with dry-cleaning the castle drapes, and King Duncan boasts that he invented plaid. Join us in the Museum of Discovery’s Big Backyard for a little “double, double, toil and trouble” like you never experienced before!

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