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Ever thought, “I wish my professional team would get along better!” Or maybe, “What can I do to help offer my team a resource to cultivate their presentational skills?”  Or even, “How can I train my employees to sharpen their soft skills without them feeling like they’re performing poorly?”  The answer is simple: Improv. 


La-De-Da Performing Arts is now offering a Improv Workshop for the Business Professional through which your company will:

1) Build Support, Trust and Creativity

2) Improve Communication

3) Increase Awareness of Body Language and Presentational Skills

4) Expand Assertiveness and Confidence


This customizable/individualized workshop transforms your team’s ability to collaborate and find success together. Sharpen your squad’s soft skills through improvisation with two professional guides.



This workshop is designed for professional teams. We can accommodate large companies or small groups.


Build confidence, practice active-listening and team-building, stretch your risk-taking and quick-thinking muscles.  A guaranteed good time in a fun, approachable and applicable atmosphere.


Up to you! We can come during your lunch hour or on the weekend.


We are happy to come to your office or we have a space for you at La-De-Da Performing Arts that can accommodate up to 50 people. 

why Improv

  • Build support, trust and confidence

  • Improve communication

  • Increase awareness of body language and presentational skills

  • Expand assertiveness and creativity


Evidence of improv

Improv Isn’t Just For Laughs In Colorado, It’s About Business - KUNC Article by Stacy Nick, November 21st,2017

Why Improv Training is Great Business TrainingForbes Magazine

Your Brain on ImprovTed Talk, Charles Limb



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Our workshops range in price based on length and number of people and can be tailored to your needs. 

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