Fort Collins Montessori Improv Club

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FC Montessori Improv Club Spring 2018.jpg

Fort Collins Montessori Improv Club



*This program is for Fort Collins Montessori students only. This program is held at the Fort Collins Montessori School.

GRADES 1 - 6
8 WEEKS - 3/28-5/16

This class will to focus on improvisation as a form of storytelling and theatre. The student will create fun characters and create text for them straight from inside themselves. We will also spend a significant amount of time on short-form improv games that rely heavily on the skills of listening to others, sharing the stage, making bold choices, accepting information from others, going with the flow, and confidence. Save the date: the final day of class March 14th will be a showcase of the students work, we would love for you to join us!

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Instructor: Heather Ostberg Johnson

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Thank you for enrolling in class at La-De-Da Performing Arts. We are excited to 'play on stage' with you.

Our goal is to provide a safe, supportive and fun environment for all of our actors. We are inclusive and considerate in our learning environment. 

Here is what you can expect from us:
1. Professional expertise in the theatre and music fields.
2. Caring, individualized instruction in a studio environment.
3. Preparation for being seen, heard and understood in front of an audience. 

Here is what you will experience:
1. Playful skill-building in improvisation/presentation; rehearsing end-of-session performance.
2. Parents do not stay during class time. 
3. Showcase at the end of the session for the experience of performing in front of an audience.

What you will need for class:
1. Good clothes to move in and run around.
2. Good shoes for movement (due to the potential harm of carpet staples students will not be allowed to take their shoes off in class)

In the case of inclement weather, La-De-Da follows the Poudre School District's plan of action - if they cancel or let out early, La-De-Da classes are canceled.

If you or your child have to miss a class, we will not reschedule a class makeup, issue a refund or extend a credit. By permission, a student may attend another appropriate class within that session as a makeup.

There are usually no classes during the week of Major Holidays. Check the Calendar for confirmation.

Refunds and credits may be issued in extreme circumstances. Contact Dulcie or Heather directly by email or phone - 970.829.8696 or by email: