2017 Cast


Adult Ensemble

Scrooge - Shane Miller

Bob Cratchit - Tyler Rayburn

Mrs Emily Cratchit - Jennifer Mayhew

Fred - Jacob Hoeffner

Amanda - Deanna Gillan

Winifred - Frances Leary

Charwoman - Carol Van Natta

Miss Cain -Jennifer Buchfink

Ghost Jacob Marley - Kevin Nolan

Fezziwig - Don Reidy

Mrs. Fezziwig - Karen Miller

Old Joe - Kevin Nolan

Miss Dilber - Lillah Grinnell

Future Belle - Frances Leary

Mrs. Tanner - Cherie Henderson

Young Scrooge - Billy Allen

Young Marley -Joshua Jacquot

Young Belle - LIzzie Natsu


Student Ensemble

Roles are listed in order of appearance in the script.  The ensemble roles are not listed out here and are not completely casted. The additional roles and scenes the students will be in will be assigned throughout the rehearsal process. 

Narrator #1 - Ella Tremblay

Narrator #2 - Olivia Leibow

Narrator #3 - Addison Mitchell (Understudy for Fridays performance: Katie Wolf)

Miss Tally - Theana Kromer

Miss Pennyworth - Halle Samsel

Dancing Jack - Orion Rayburn

Little Jill - Kaylee Bissell

Wraith #1 - Olivia Leibow

Wraith #2 - Katie Wolf

Wraith #3 - Stasia Clegg

Wraith #4 - Sierra Farnsworth

First Spirit - Brynn Leary

Sally Dance - Helen Flenner

Deliah - Madelyn Yates

Betty Bragg - Maggie Linnenburger

Molly - Katie Wolf

Hermia - Jersey McCollum

LIttle Ebenezer - Liam Tremblay

LIttle Jacob - Fen Yujuico

LIttle Belle - Ashleigh Porter

Little Fan - Hannah Schnorr

Dan Wilkins - Will Bolling

Second Spirit - Hope Daly

Olive - Shiloh Vigil

Little Em - Eleanor Gillan

Martha - Grace Geraghty

Tiny Tim - Michael Messaros

Millicent - Lindsey Hanna

Roberta - Katie Brown

Eve - Sierra Farnsworth

Catherine - Theana Kromer 

Emma - Stasia Clegg

Abigail - Halle Samsel

Thomas - Josh Bandini

Want - Fen Yujuico

Ignorance - Eleanor Gillan

Digger - Layton Khan

Chopper - Will Bolling

Scrapper - Evan Kiser

Snitcher - Josh Bandini

I may or may not be happy with this...

I may or may not be happy with this...