Spring is here and we're all new!

Well, things are certainly changing around here...Nick is packing for his new Maine adventure, Troy has smoke billowing out the side of his pencil as he chases his degree, and Dulcie and I are in a state of feverish excitement to make La-De-Da our new home. It certainly feels like familiar territory as Nick has been mentoring me as a fellow teacher and artist from the minute I landed in Fort Collins. A few summers back, I crafted an entirely new play on the very carpet we will be now holding classes and I’ve had the opportunity to tour that play around the country. Dulcie, Nick, and I have had many Fringe planning meetings while sitting in those cozy cushion chairs, scheming on how to make each year better than the next.  I owe a huge debt of gratitude to La-De-Da for their support over the years and Dulcie and I are both so humbled and honored to be stepping into the massive shoes Nick and Troy are leaving behind. But Dulcie and I come to this with big feet ourselves and we know that our missions as independent teachers and artists in the community align perfectly with that of La-De-Da which is why we jumped at this opportunity. We've worked and played together for a few years and we feel confident in carrying on the La-De-Da spirit.

We know theatre and music education has a lasting impact on our youth, encouraging growth toward confident, collaborative, empathetic adults. Even as a grown-up, I am constantly in awe of what you learn when you step into the shoes of a character with life circumstances different from your own. I believe that storytelling is an essential way we grow as a society and to be the storyteller is an even bigger gift. Regardless of what we all grow up to do or become, the skills La-De-Da has taught and will continue to teach are ones of lasting value. The friendship, inclusion, and support of each person’s individuality are Nick and Troy's legacy and we promise to carry this on. We know inevitably La-De-Da will change a bit because Dulcie and I cannot possibly be Nick and Troy, but we will strive to keep the heart and essence of La-De-Da the same and as Nick would say “You are La-De-Da!”

So we hope you will stay with us through this season of transition and help us to keep La-De-Da that wondrous playground for the imagination. We look forward to playing with you soon! 

-Heather Ostberg Johnson