Ooh, it's all Fringey

So on the Fringe, many people haven't heard of it. No, most people. I'm disappointed but not surprised. I have been involved in some very prominent and visible ventures and the percentage of people unaware of that venture is staggering. I've spoken to people who parked in front of our little downtown theatre for seven years and didn't really acknowledge its presence. It had chaser lights around the windows. And a giant sign. But, alas we were no Candy Crush or Pet Rock. Those babies are/were prominent. Those babies were in, baby. Those babies are/were on the main street of public acknowledgment. And Fort Collins main street is quite lovely. We like to walk it. 

Ah, but when we do stray - the treasures we will find. We lived in Manhattan for a couple of years. One day, I took a side street off of York Avenue (it's major, just go with it) and found the Bryn Mawr Bookstore down some stone steps in a basement. I spent most of those two years in that basement. Off the main drag. Off the beaten path. The treasures I found.

The best theatre I saw was off-off Broadway - off the beaten path. You know why the path is beaten? The herd trampled it. The maverick took off through the bramble and found ungrazed pastures. Yep!

Fort Collins theater well known and well trod is great. We have great theater here. Not a lot, but stuff with staying power. But the Fringe? That's fresh grazing. That's treasures to be found. I'm going to slam two metaphors together. It's morning.

Fort Collins Fringe Festival - Sept. 15, 16 and 17. Free Family Fringe - Sept. 17th 10am-2pm. Take 15 minutes or 15 hours and do some grazing on sweet, sweet new pastures - or find some treasures. Whichever you prefer.