Why the Fringe? Questions answered.

The Third Annual Fort Collins Fringe Festival is this week.  la-de-da is a big part of it - so let's play 20 questions but because time is short - 10 questions and because it's the Fringe - 9 1/2 questions answered. Here we go -

Q1. When is the Fringe?

A. This Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. And Saturday afternoon. Full Schedule here.

Q2. Is la-de-da part of it? 

A. Yup. There are numerous pieces written and performed by la-de-da young adults, written by Nick Turner and performed by la-de-da adult actors. And we are sponsoring the Free Family Fringe.

Q3. There are la-de-da adult actors? 

A. Yeah, boy! We aren't just for kids. We have a bunch of adult actors in class and a very adult improv group called Be Glorious! 

Q4. So, The Fort Collins Fringe Festival is for the whole family?

A. NO! Many pieces have adult language and adult situations. Check the info. BUT, we are sponsoring the Free Family Fringe on Saturday afternoon. That event is family friendly. Free entertainment, food trucks and you can perform if you want! Just come on down. More Information. 

Q5. It's expensive, isn't it? 

A. That's kooky talk. $2 buys you a token to see any one of the pieces. $2. You probably have $2 on the bottom of your backpack, purse or other stuff carrying accessory. 

Q6. It's really long isn't it? 

A. More kooky talk! Some works are just 15 minutes long. 15 minutes! And it will be the coolest 15 minutes you've had - ever. 

Q7. Can't I just wait until these shows are at a dinner theatre?

A. You're trying to hurt me, aren't you? These works have never been seen by the public before, or barely. They are creative, daring, adventurous, no holds barred works of genius. They WILL NEVER be seen in a dinner theater or normal theatrical setting. NEVER. Stop being bourgeois! Live a little. Go out on a limb. Take a chance. Venture out to the... fringe. (Sorry.)  

Q8. What if I can't come Thursday or Friday, maybe Saturday. But, only in the evening. 

A. It will be okay, my friend. Every piece has numerous performance times. At least one each day. I think. Here's the schedule link again

Q9. What do you get if you combine a marmoset and a

A. Great question! Opposite of what you might imagine, you get a

Come to the Fringe or Into The Woods at Cool Beans or both! Live a little!