So we give actors "days"

We aren't sure how it started. But, young actors aspire to get "a day" named after them. Some are very serious about it. We give them when someone has an exceptional day or moment at la-de-da. Like they might come in completely memorized after a week or be working really hard in class or achieve some exceptional moment. 

One actor got a day because of a bet. We bet him couldn't arrive on time AND be picked up on time. This had never happened previously. The next class it happened and he got a day. Not that exceptional, we know. We thought we wouldn't lose - it would never happen. Go figure. He tells that story still. And it's true. But, we feel like he earned it soon after and many times over with exceptional moments - like starring in the premiere of a student playwright's piece at the Tri-Media Festival. It was a big deal. He hasn't stopped there and we know he never will stop...

Having exceptional moments and days. 

Something we hope for every la-de-da creator - actor, writer, singer, director - kid to adult.  We work hard to make that possible.

Today is Nick Dunnigan Day.