It's Fringey


You may have heard whispers hushed and conspiratorial in musty corners and dusty attics. "It's a Fringe Festival".  Yes, it is.

The 2nd annual Fort Collins Fringe Festival is this Friday and Saturday, Sept. 5&6. You may being asking "huh?" and that's okay. It's called a fringe festival for a reason. It's short, fast, engaging, interesting work.

What is "Fringe"? Simply, it's performance works that stretch the boundries of what we consider mainstream. It's pieces you won't see anywhere else. If you can, it's not "fringe". You won't see Shrek or Wit or Wicked or Sweeny Todd. All worthy. You can see them, just usually not at a fringe festival.

The Fort Collins Fringe is "unjuried". Anything and everything was allowed depending on available space and times. Every year it will grow and include more and more wonderful, new, crazy, baffling, entertaining, confusing and sometimes dismaying works. Maybe it will be "juried" sometime. That just means it's a success and there's only so much room.

That's "fringe". 

It's also an opportunity for the creator in you to have a welcoming place to explore, express and experiment. 

So. Support it. It's the cost of two really good lattes. Then next year, you can do a one person show about a coffee franchise taking over the world...

Although that may not be original.