On Acting - What If?

A significant aspect of many acting schools of thought is the "Magic If" or "What if I was that person/character?" It's a perspective that helps an actor associate with what a character is experiencing emotionally. As proposed, it may call up a deep emotional and psychological commitment to the role, to the moment and  to the story of the play. Handled skillfully and healthily, devoid of hysteria, it can engage an audience at a profound and satisfying depth.

Instead - what we often get is tricks and affectations that mimic an emotional response and worse - replaces an audiences emotional commitment. 

 "How was the play?"

"Oh. Amazing. You should have seen the actor really cry. Drool was coming out of his  mouth. He broke a lamp." 

"Wow. Why?" 

 "Not sure. He was upet about something and you knew it!"

What if - we told a story so well that it was the audience that was upset, moved, joyful, challenged, enraged, stunned, elated about... Something.

That's our joy.