It's the end of school year 2013

Next week, we start our 15th Summer of age-appropriate original musicals with the K-6th graders and one of our earliest favorites - "Crocodile Couch". This one was written when we were in our first space - a former insurance one port garage on Harvard. We threw down carpet, painted the garage door a kind of purple and rolled in a piano.

"Crocodile Couch" started with remembering playing a game as a kid where you climbed all over the furniture avoiding the floor and certain death by shark, quicksand, lava or "crocodiles". Of course, with three brothers, we spent most of the time shoving each other off the couch. So, what if a bunch of friends were playing and through the game wrestled with friendship and what it means to be human? And it was funny, touching and surprising? Just like being human.

We also have a giant, long, flat green couch that looks like a crocodile. And it's our second! We couldn't believe it when we found the original at the first thrift store we looked in. It literally was a "crocodile couch".

Thank you to everyone that was part of the original and the newest and a part of 15 years of la-de-da.

"Crocodile Couch" at Nonesuch (at the time Bas Bleu.)

"Crocodile Couch" at Nonesuch (at the time Bas Bleu.)