la-de-da...performing arts for the young and the young at heart.

We have sessions throughout the school year and two week intensives in the summer.

We are a skill building school. We do exercises and scene work designed to introduce and improve skills and technique. After 15 years in Fort Collins, it's hard to find a production without a la-de-da trained actor involved.

We do age appropriate works. We feel kids often play roles out of their age range at school. That's great as an educational experience. But, never in the professional world would a 16 year old play anything more than a 16 year old or close to it. (Except the 25 year olds playing 16 on television.) So, age appropriate and often original works.

We teach good, healthy singing and music knowledge. That's most of the paid work in theatre. All our actors become confident with singing and many go on to private voice lessons. But, we are proud of our acting training rooted in Shakespeare and the classics and influenced by Stanislavski, Brook, Chekov, Hagen and American luminaries. We are students as well as teachers and are constantly seeking new insights and discoveries. But, the performing arts are above all entertainment and we have a lot of fun.

Theater and music are our professions. We hold degrees in our disciplines and have extensive experience teaching, writing and working professionally for 20+ years. We've owned and operated theaters in the region and are very proud of those adventures.

We are honest about professional possibilities.  We know the "industry". We encourage, educate and enrich. Even if a student actor never makes it "big", they will have experience and confidence to benefit them in whatever endeavor they pursue. When they do make it big, we expect a shout out...and maybe a generous financial donation...that's only a little bit of a funny.

That's us! 

But, we're not for everyone.

  • When choosing a school, look carefully at the age and experience of the teachers that work directly with the student. Also, being a performer or director doesn't mean you're a good teacher. Look for education experience. Does the teacher have a degree in this field? That helps.

Everyone is welcome to try one class of a session (no obligation, full tuition due if continuing) to see if la-de-da is the place for them. We know it will be.

Thank you!

See below for cancellation and other policies.